Behold The Latest Additions To The PixelSplice Edit Suite!

June 22nd, 2017


• Gigabit Fibre Internet - That’s 1000 Mbps down AND up!  Download high-res footage in minutes!  Get your review video or master uploaded almost instantly!

• Upgraded Thunderbolt RAID - Supports more 4K workflows and will not lose data if a drive fails.

• Latest Premiere Pro - Not only faster but has many new tools for color grading, audio and even VR.

• New Espresso Machine - 15 bars of pressure keeps you more caffeinated, quicker!

• Air Conditioning - 8000 BTU/hr keeps the office cool on those rare hot days in San Francisco.


We have also added a new MacBook Pro laptop.  With Touch Bar and Thunderbolt 3, it's beefy enough to be a portable edit system for smaller jobs.  This system as well as the desktop system (Cylinder Mac Pro & RAID) are available for rental too!






Edit System Upgrade Brings 4K Capabilities

September 10th, 2014

pixelsplice edit system

PixelSplice recently upgraded its edit suite to support 4K/UHD editing and a faster workflow with Adobe Premiere CC and other media creation tools. A shiny new cylindrical Mac Pro provides the horsepower behind the system, with dual GPUs and performance gains of 3x the speed of the old Mac Pro.  A thunderbolt RAID system provides the bandwidth required for 4K/UHD, as well as the security of being able to lose a drive without any data loss.  Dual 10-bit, wide gamut computer monitors have been installed which are calibrated to provide reliable color and confidence for projects destined for web delivery.  Lastly, a 50 Mbps internet connection provides the speed to easily work with remote clients.